The founder of the Abbey Company

Don Abbey is the CEO and the founder of the Abbey Company which he began in 1990 and running as a privately held real estate business. The Abbey group of companies possesses and manages around 6 million sq. feet of area in which their offices and industrial space have been built. The company has expanded its work over 18 offices and a portfolio of assets worth a billion dollars. The company has over 80 employees, mostly of which are the alumni and states graduate of Upsilon episode of Beta Theta Pi. Professionally Abbey is handling his real estate business very smartly but also at the same time he is looking upon to invest in the residential properties too. His major real estate locations are present at Shelter Island, Montana and Bradbury, CA.

Don Abbey has been awarded with the Distinguished Alumnus award in the year 2003 by the Penn State University. He received this award because of his excellent performance in the field of real estate development and the services he rendered in PSU. Abbey is not just a successful entrepreneur, but he also a generous donor. He has offered great gifts in the form of his talent, time and treasure. To restore the Alpha Upsilon episode house in the State College of Penn he offered $8.5 million as a gift. This gift was one of its kinds in the entire history of the Alpha Upsilon chapter. Apart from these financial offerings Abbey has also given his precious time as more than hundreds of hours by rendering his services at the house corporation board officer for the same college.

Apart from his successful career and his major contributions to the fraternity he was also very well known as a very generous philanthropist, recognized with the Oxford Cup. As a philanthropist he has handled various advanced causes of this world like the ‘Wounded Warriors Project’ which was responsible for supporting the Navy Seal Members while they used to return home.